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Did you know that I recently launched a podcast?

Chronically Living (and how to make the most of it) dives deeper into living with a chronic illness and practical ways in which we can make our lives better and more fulfilling. Every week I bring you a new topic, thought, or guest to help you on your way to making the most out of your life, chronic illness or not.

The show emphasizes not only my perspectives, but those of members of our Spoonie Warrior community, and of health care professionals.

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Check out my latest episode below!

Medical gaslighting has become a systemic problem that many Spoonies, especially women have faced. Most recently it has been happening to long COVID patients. In this episode we talk about:what medical gaslighting ishistorical perspectives on medical gaslightingcommon chronic illnesses to experience gaslightingwhat to do if we are being gaslitFeel free to share you story of being gaslit by tagging me on Instagram @janeversuspain.Support the show (
  1. Medical Gaslighting
  2. Depression & Chronic Illness
  3. Multiple Sclerosis Warrior with special guest Jenna Green
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parenting, and Fashion with special guest Madeline Cary Davidson
  5. Anxiety & Chronic Illness

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